Welcome to Onglide Hosting.

This url is not in use for a competition at the moment.

13th FAI Junior Worlds, July 13th - July 26th (Poland)
Dunstable Regionals, July 20th - July 29th (UK)
Bailleau, July 30th - August 9th (France)
SGP, July 21st - July 27th, (Spain)

If you would like a competition hosted please email your soaring spot keys to [email protected] and I can set it up for you.

Onglide automatically fetches tasks, pilots and scores from your scoring system (SoaringSpot and RST are currently supported).
It tracks gliders with tracking sent to OGN, and scores them against the task (AAT, DH and Speed Tasks). It attempts to adjust distances to handicaps, currently using the handicap as a percentage adjustment.
It only displays gliders in the competition, matching them using the OGN DDB or if that isn't possible it will use the launch/landing times from igc files
It shouldn't require any administration from the competition, though if tracker IDs are wrong I'm happy to fix them manually.